Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TESCO Tanjong Tokong

This Tesco outlet is new, so as expected there are some facilities for wheelchair users. One thing good about this place is that here are many car parks for disabled persons. And they are all very near to the main entrance.

Other than that, I do not see any outstanding facilities for disabled people. In fact, I was very disappointed with the disabled persons' toilets here. In the ground floor toilet (please refer to the video), the first set of grab bar -- "L"-shape grab bar -- was attached to the wall in the wrong way. You can see from the drawing below the correct and the wrong way of fixing the grab bar.

The second set of grab bar was again wrongly attached. It was attached to the floor, instead of on the wall. (Please refer to the video below.) You can understand this comment easier if you refer to the my 'Straits Quay' posting. The same problem was seen here. I have illustrated the proper way of positioning grab bars in the following drawing.

Worse still the grab bar and the big washing basin are located in such a way that a wheelchair user will find it impossible to get near to the toilet bowl. (Not seen in the video.) This ground floor toilet is useless to most wheelchair users. If I need to go to toilet, i would go to the one at second floor. Although the second floor toilet is also not good, at least one can still push one's wheelchair near to the toilet bowl.


  1. have you brought this to the attention of the management? maybe they can rectify the mistake!