Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Lift For Your Home?

Since young, I have always wanted a lift for my home. May be it was because all my family members were able to go to the upper floor of my father's house except me. But a lift at home was something unheard of when I was young.

But lucky for us, time has changed and I think home lifts have also become relatively cheaper. I saw a home lift advertisement  in the newspaper today. I called the company and was told that the estimated cost of installing a small lift is about RM 120,000. The office is in KL but they have service people in Penang.

You can go to the company's website via the link HERE or:


(Please note that I post the information here because it may be useful to some of my readers. I do not know the company and cannot vouch for there services and products. There may also be other companies in Malaysia that provide similar products.)