Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Kerb Ramp

(I should have posted this story in October 2013. I delayed the posting because I wanted to wait for an opportunity to test the new ramp myself. I took the photo of the ramp from my car window in October but until now I am still too busy to spend time going down from my car to check the ramp in detail. I have decided that I will post this today and check the place when I am more free.)

Sometime in October 2013, a friend phoned me to tell me that we have finally got a new connecting ramp in front of HSBC bank (Beach Street) branch (See photo below). She was very excited because we have been waiting for this ramp for a long time. The ramp looked good. Better that what I was expecting. I thank MPPP for the good design.

I first wrote about this "missing ramp" in July 5, 2012 (see photo below and link to my post HERE). A friend who was ex-municipal councillor then wrote an email to MPPP to highlight the problem. We received a prompt email reply. I thought it would not take long to get this problem fixed. After all a kerb ramp is not something that is difficult to build.

So I checked the place as often as I can but nothing happened. (photo below)

At the end of February 2013, I decided to ask the press for help. Guan Ming Daily (thanks to them) sent a reporter and a photographer to the location. I explained to them the problems and the daily published a story about the "missing link" on Mar 4, 2013. The story probably has some impact and we finally got the kerb ramp sometime in September or October 2013.

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