Friday, October 31, 2014

Designing Doorways For Wheelchair Users

Most people are not aware that not all doorways are suitable for wheelchair users. There are certain special requirements if you want to design a really good doorways for wheelchair users. I hope this post helps you understand some of the important requirements.

The key points to remember are:
1, There should be sufficient space for wheelchair users to maneuver at both the "push" and "pull" sides of the doors. (See drawing below for what is meant.)
2, Handles, pulls and other opening devices must be suitable for persons with reduced strength and dexterity to control.
3, Lever type handles and push lock mechanisms are preferred.
4, Glass doors must have bright and colored motifs at eye level.

Please note the difference between the "Push Side" and "Pull Side" of doorway.

The drawing above illustrates the importance of having clear space in front of a door. The clear space (marked as yellow box in the left drawing) must be placed at the correct position. The wheelchair user at the right drawing has problem reaching the door handle due to lack of clear space.

Layout of door handle, door bell ..etc should follow the above drawing.

Level type handle is preferred.

Persons who have limited fingers movements will have problem with this type of door knob. 

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