Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Dear Car Owner"

To my Malaysian readers, please share this in your Facebook if you agree with this video. I hope to reach the owner of this car via social media. I did the video in Chinese because I think the car owner is a Chinese. What I said in the video was translated in the text below. Thank you.

“Dear Car Owner, greetings. I saw your car parked at the disabled persons’ car park yesterday and made this video today to communicate to you. I covered up your number plate because I did not want people to know who you are. But I am sure you will recognize your own car. I will place this video in Facebook and hope you will help the disabled when you see this message. Yesterday there were too many cars and not enough car parks. I believe your original intention was not to part at disabled persons’ car park, but due to lack of car park you felt that “never mind lah, only once in a long time, may be no disabled person will come". I hope you will help us by not parking at our car parks next time. You can also help us by telling your friends to respect disabled persons’ car parks. Thank you.”

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  1. Totally agree with you …I see this happening at shopping Malls too, especially Tesco in Tg Tokong. I actually 'tackled' a guy once who blatantly parked in the disabled spot, and he just told me to mind my own business and walked off..probably cos I was not in a wheelchair! But I do get very angry when I see this happening. In UK people get fined and clamped who do this…we should encourage the malls to do the same. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and some days it can be painful so I park nearer the entrance doors but would never dream of taking the disabled space, but to see a younger person (which obviously this person is to have so many advertising stickers displayed on their windscreen) who is far more able bodied, it is just shameful!!!!