Friday, July 18, 2014

From Bus Stop To Shopping Mall Entrance

I did this photo documentation in Nov 2013. It traced the route from a bus stop in front of Queensbay Mall to its southern entrance. I am not saying that this is the best example of a wheelchair access route. But comparing to many other places where there is no connecting route at all, it is still useful for many wheelchair users. This example shows the importance of continuous route for wheelchair users.

I could not find any step ramp / kerb ramp at the kerb. I am not sure if there should be one (I mean basing on the guidelines of Malaysian Standards). The problem with step ramp is motorcyclists tend to abuse it to go up to the kerb and drive on walkways. But it is necessary for wheelchair users when the bus could not park beside the kerb and the wheelchair users have to disembark on the road. They need step ramp to go up the kerb. (See above photos.)

The above are two photos of the ramp that connects the pavement to the motorway in front of the mall. This ramp is useful to wheelchair users who take bus but also the elderly. But I think the authority should make this ramp better by installing handrails at both sides. That cannot be too expensive and it will benefit a lot of people.

The above photos show how a wheelchair user can enter the mall by the long ramp beside the entrance (follow the yellow arrows). Unfortunately I forgot to take a good photo of the ramp. But if you go there, you will find the ramp to be quite adequate.

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