Thursday, October 10, 2013

Everyday Supreme Restaurant (Tian Yi)

This restaurant is at Logan Road. The Chinese name is "Tian Yi". I suspect some people (including me) may not be aware of the English name. So if you are asking around for its location, please use both the Chinese and English names.

I like the entrance of this restaurant. It is one of the very few private buildings that has a ramp at the front door. (The other is Macalister Manson see link HERE). My wheelchair entered the wide door so smoothly that it amazed me. (See photo below.)

Once inside, I noticed that the tables were well spaced out and I had no problem reaching my table (Most restaurants in Penang tend to arrange the tables closely and I often had to ask other guests to shift their chairs closer to the tables to make way for my wheelchair.)

The accessible toilet is located at the far end of the restaurant. The two photos below will point you to the direction of the toilet.

I discovered that the door of the toilet opened inwards. This is very common in Penang. It reflected the general lack of understanding of Malaysian Standard for accessible design. Luckily the toilet was reasonably big and I was able to close the door with a little manipulation of my wheelchair. From the photos below, you can see that the toilet design was not really up to the standard as required.

The two drawings below show what a good accessible toilet design should look like (base on Malaysian Standards). For more details please go to the link HERE.

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