Monday, August 12, 2013

Gurney Paragon Mall Penang (Part 2)

Gurney Paragon Mall was opened partially last year. (See my post dated 26 August 2012, link HERE). At that time, only the section facing Persiaran Gurney was opened. The remaining rest of the building was still under construction.The mall is fully opened now. It has an additional entrance from Jalan Kelawai. I used this entrance in my recent visits and the following was what I saw.

As soon as I entered the mall at Ground Floor or Level 1, I saw six escalators in front of me. They led to  either one level up to Level 2 or one level down to the Lower Ground Floor. I could neither go up or down because of my wheelchair.

I sought for help from a security officer and he told me I should have used the lifts outside the main entrance. I found the lifts easily. Although the lifts were rather small, they were useful because they  could reach all levels.

Car parks for disabled people were located at level 2B. I was very happy to see that they actually clamped a non-disabled person's car. (See the car in the photo below.)

I was very careful when I used the ramp that led me into the mall. It was long and steep. But more importantly I noticed that there was a flight of steps going down on the opposite side of the landing of the ramp. That could be dangerous for less observant people.

I was disappointed with the toilet for disabled people. It was too narrow for people who used side transfer to get to the toilet bowl. I also noticed that there were two wrongly placed bins. Why are two bins needed? 

(Note: A disabled person who uses side transfer needs to place his wheelchair side by side of the toilet bowl. The video below will illustrate my point.)

There were two entrances to the food court. One is accessible, the other one is not. Unfortunately I took the wrong one. The following photos illustrated how I had to go "down" a small step and then "up" again before I could reach the place my lunch.

I discovered the accessible entrance to the food court much later but I had forgotten to take any photo. Fortunately I found a good map at Gurney Paragon's website. I have added the red arrows to show the accessible entrance. (See the "OK" sign below)

I shall end this post by showing more photos of Gurney Paragon. The mall is big and fairly accessible. You should explore the place when you are free.

(I visited the mall on 28 Jul. and 10 Aug. 2013)

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