Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yeng Keng Hotel

The funny thing about Yeng Keng Hotel is that it has an accessible toilet, but no wheelchair user can enter the hotel. I checked and found that there are barriers at all the entrances. (See the layout below. "X" in red represents barrier.) So what is the logic of the accessible toilet? Just to complied with the building by-laws?

Note the "MIND YOUR STEP" warning shown below.

The accessible toilet was badly designed. The door opens inwards (see photo below). I was unable to close the door when I was inside.

Wrong type of grab bars were used and they were fixed to the floor (see the yellow arrow in the photo below). They prevent users from transferring from wheelchairs to the toilet bowl. 

There is a ramp near the entrance of the restaurant (see photo below). I tested it and found it too narrow, especially at the corner. The toilet inside the restaurant is very small and completely inaccessible.

Yeng Keng Hotel is not wheelchair friendly at all. Don't go there.

(Date of visit : 26 March 2013)

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