Monday, August 25, 2014

Penang State Museum And Art Gallery : Update

On Nov 17. 2012, I wrote a post pointing out that the Penang State Museum And Art Gallery at 57 Jalan Macalister did not have a ramp. I am very happy to say that the Museum has a new ramp now. Apparently it has been there for quite a while already. I passed the place a few weeks ago and saw the ramp but unfortunately I did not have the time to stop and take a close look. I wish to thank the authority / government of Penang for hearing the voice of the disabled. (25 August 2014)
(Here is the original post).

I visited the Penang State Museum And Art Gallery (at 57 Jalan Macalister) on 9 Nov 2012. I was very disappointed that the place has no disabled access at all. I could not understand why. I have seen disabled facilities successfully installed in many heritage buildings in Penang. The Court House, Former ABN Bank (at Beach Street), St George Church and Suffolks House just to name a few. Suffolks House even has a lift that goes to the first floor.

I have contacted the authority about this matter and they have agreed to do something. Meanwhile, I will be monitoring this building when I am free.

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