Monday, September 17, 2012

Which lift to use at Gurney Plaza

Some of my friends have problems choosing the lift to use in Gurney Plaza. I hope this post can help them.

The above is a photo of the location map displayed at Gurney Plaza. The drawing below is based on the photo and I have simplified it to show only 5 lifts which I think are probably more important for persons on wheelchair.
Lifts 1 & 2 are at the new wing. They go to all levels of the mall. Lift 1 is a cargo lift and it is important to use for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is opened till late in the night. So it is important to remember this lift if you like to stay late. Secondly, this lift  is located just next to the disabled car parks at level 6, 7 and 8. The car parks there are safer than the ones near lift 2.

Lift 2 is also located next to disabled car parks at level 6, 7, 8. But the car parks there are not very safe because they are too near to the car entrance. The doors leading to lift 2 will be shut around 10:30 pm. 

Use lift 3 if you want to go to level 7 where the cinemas are located. It can lead you to level G, 1, 3, 4, 5 (car park with a kerb), 6 and 7. If you get out of the lift at level 2, you will find the door leading to the shopping mall LOCKED. (Don't ask me why!)

Use lift 4 if you want to go to the basement where you can find many restaurants and a supermarket. This lift also goes to level G, 1,  2, 3, 4, 5, 6. But at some levels, you have to open stiff doors before you can enter the mall.

Lift 5 is a cargo lift. It is very dirty but useful as an alternative to go to basement and level 7.

  1. If you come by car, park at the disabled car parks near lift 1 and use it to go to the other level.
  2. Use lift 2 as your basic lift to go to all floors except level 7 and basement.
  3. Use lift 3 to go to level 7
  4. Use lift 4 to go to the basement.
  5. Use lift 5 when you want to save time.
(Please note the date of this post. I have done my best to make sure information given here are accurate at the time of writing. But things do change. If you have more up to date information, you are most welcome to comment or email me.)

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