Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Ramp Connecting KOMTAR to Prangin Mall

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Reclining Buddha Temple (in English)

There is a new accessible toilet at Reclining Buddha Temple Penang. I checked that toilet on 27th March 2018.

Reclining Buddha Temple (In Chinese)

There is a new accessible toilet at Reclining Buddha Temple Penang. I checked that toilet on 27th March 2018.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Grand Imperial Restaurant (KOMTAR)

KOMTAR Level 5 has a new restaurant -- Grand Imperial Restaurant. My first impression was that it is not accessible by wheelchair users. But I later found out that there is a lift for wheelchair users. I am posting photographs of how to reach the lift. Just follow the yellow arrows in the photographs.

Here is the lift that will bring you to the restaurant. (Photos were taken on Feb 6, 2017)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Misleading Pavement

I went to Fort Cornwallis on 13 Oct. 2015. On the way I had to move my wheelchair on a pavement (see map). I was happy to see a kerb ramp at the start of the pavement. But when I reached the other end, I could not find any kerb ramp to get down. This is bad practice. If there is a kerb ramp at one end of a pavement, there MUST be a corresponding kerb ramp at the other end. Or else a wheelchair user could get stranded at the end that does not have kerb ramp.

There are some photos I took of the pavement. It was not properly maintained. Since it is at an area where there are many tourists and visitors, surely the local authority should pay more attention to it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Botanic Garden Of Penang

The Botanic Garden of Penang used to have an accessible toilet. I used it before many years ago. But when I visited the garden on 7 Nov 2015 I discovered that the accessible toilet was no longer there. I was very surprised and could not understand why the management of the garden made the decision to demolish the accessible toilet. The thoughtless action contradicted the legal requirements of Malaysia's Uniform Building By-laws (UBBL). By-laws 34A of UBBL clearly states that public gardens must have disabled access. (Full content of by-laws 34A can be found HERE.) The management of the garden has completely ignored the by-laws and I could not understand why the authority has not taken any action against them.

While I was there, I took some photos of the toilet. I am posting them here for the wheelchair users who plan to visit the garden. I hope the photos will give you a rough idea of what to expect.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

By-laws 34A of the Uniform Building Bylaws (UBBL)

By-laws 34A of the Uniform Building Bylaws (UBBL)
In Malaysia, it is mandatory that all public buildings must provide facilities for disabled persons.  In Sep. 20th 1990, an amendment was made to the Uniform Building Bylaws (UBBL) at the 35th National Council of Local Government (NCLG).
The amendment, namely 34A in UBBL, makes it compulsory for buildings to provide access to enable disabled persons to get into, out of and within the buildings.  Buildings already built before the commencement of this by-law must be altered to comply with the by-law within 3 years from the date of commencement.
Under National Constitution article 95A, the provision of NCLG is binding on all state governments.  By-law 34A of the UBBL was gazetted in the State of Penang on Nov. 11th 1993. (State Gazette No. Pg. P.U 26).
The following is the full text of bylaws 34A of the UBBL:


In exercise of the powers conferred by section 133 of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974, the State. Authority Makes the following By-laws:

These By-laws may be cited as the Uniform Building (Amen4ai6w), By-laws 1991.
By-law 2 of the Uniform Building By-laws 1984 which in this By-laws is referred to as "the principal By-laws" is amended by inserting immediately after interpretation “detached building” the following inter­pretation.
"disabled persons" means people; with a physical, hearing or sight impairment which affects their mobility or their use of buildings as referred to under by-law 34A;".
The principal By-laws is amended by inserting immediately after by-law 34, the following new by-law 34A:
34A(1)Any building or part thereof to which this by-law applies shall-
(a)be provided with access to enable disabled persons to get into, out of and within the: building except for any part of the building for which access is provided wholly or mainly for the in­spection, maintenance or repair of the building, its services or fixed plant or machinery; and
(b)be designed with facilities for used by disabled persons.
(2)The requirements of this by-law shall be deemed to be satisfied by compliance with Malaysian Standard MS 1184 and MS 1183.
(3)Buildings to which this by-law applies and which on .the date of commencement of this by-law have been erected, are being erected or have not been erected but plans have been submitted and approved shall be modified or altered to comply with this by-laws within 3 years from the date of commencement of this by-law.
(4)Notwithstanding paragraph (3) the local authority may where it is satisfied that it is justifiable to do so-
(a)allow an extension or further extensions of the period within which the requirements of this by-law are to be complied with: or
(b)allow, variations, deviations, or exemptions as it may specify from any provisions of: this by-law.
(5)Any persons aggrieved by the decision of the local authority under paragraph (4) may within 30 days of the receipt of the decision appeal in writing to the State Authority whose decisions shall be final.
(6)The requirements of this by-law shall apply to any of the following buildings or any part thereof –
(a)offices, banks, post offices, shops, department stores, supermarkets and  other administrative anti commercial buildings. except shop-houses existing, at the commencement of this by-law;
(b)rail, road, sea ad air travel buildings and associated concourses, car parking, buildings and factories;
(c)hospitals, medical centers, clinic, and other health and welfare buildings;
(d)restaurants, concert halls, theatres, cinemas, conference buildings, community buildings, swimming pools, sports buildings and other refreshment, entertainment and recreation  buildings;
(e)religious buildings;
(f)schools, colleges, universities, zoos, museums, art galleries, libraries, exhibition buildings and other educational, cultural andscientific buildings; and
(g)hostels, hotels and other residential buildings other than single family private dwelling houses.

The following table shows the gazette dates of by-laws 34A of the UBBL :-
No.StateGazette DateGazetted Document
1Perlis3 March 1994PS. P.U.2
2Kedah30 November 1992-
3Pulau Pinang11 November 1993Pg. P.U.26
4Perak13 May 1994Pk. P.U.26
5Selangor20 January 1994Sel. C.U.95
6Negeri Sembilan31 January 1991N.S.P.U.1
7Melaka22 May 1996-
8Johor7 May 1992J.P.U.14
9Pahang28 March 1996-
10Terengganu15 December 1993-
11Kelantan3 July 1992Kn. P.U. 5/92
12Wilayah Persekutuan13 August 1993P.U.A. 305/92